Kittilbu Museum provides and insight into how the natural resources of Gausdal Vestfjell have been used from the Stone Age until modern times. The moose has been highly important to the area, and plays a central role in the museum’s exhibition displaying Stone Age and Iron production from middle-ages and hunting traditions with pitfall-trap system.

The museum enjoys a beautiful location in the picturesque hamlet of Kittilbu. It can be found along route 204 between Vestre Gausdal and Valdres, 40 km from Lillehammer, and is surrounded by stunning marshland. Excellent fishing and hiking opportunities and the Langsua National Park is within easy reach. On weekly basis you can joyn us on guided trips to the national park and other guided tours, you can also try our Sunday Farm lunch at Volden seter. At the museum you find a small café with local and eco sertified coffee, cakes and snacks, souvenirs and some local handicraft is also available.

The cultural trail leads you through the exciting history of Gausdal Vestfjell down to the Dokka lake.

Contact the museum for more information on opening hours etc, send us a mail or visit our website:

Foto: Kittilbu. Gutt på seteren.



Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum
Fv 204
2653 Vestre Gausdal

Tel: +47 61 22 38 00



Foto: Kittilbu